Chihming Chou, the owner of YCC, was a trader and importer in Taiwan. In 1998, he has already sold many kinds of engineering vehicles model and related accessories for many years. However, he thought that scale models should have the highest qualities. Chou started to study about the production of scale model. In 2005, YCC was establiashed by Chou. In 2006, Chou published his first scale model LIEBHERR LTM 1800. Chou kept giving people his best effort. Since then We created more and more high quality models for players in the worldwide.

Nowadays, We focus on the development and production of high quality scale models. To create a great model, the production procedures included:Computer drawing 3D graphics, Laser 3D Print production model template confirmation, Metal mold making program, Zinc alloy die casting program, Batch and polishing program, Painting and printing procedures, Model component manual assembly program, Complete packaging and transportation procedures.

Professional sales and development in Europe and America with our high quality models and
specific accessories for crane models,

Welcome to be our member and enjoy the scale model in the world. We are also looking forward to the relevant cooperation and development work.