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About NEW Website, you may want to know!!!

   Dear all,

        Thanks for coming our website. We hope you like the new style and new products, and also enjoy the new shopping ways!!!

     Here are some tips to let you easily know how to order!!!
     1.If you are a new customer here, please sigh up for our member first. 
     2.Once you become our member, you can login and start looking for what you want!!!
     3.To our products, there will have three statements.
Add to cart  ,   Temporarily out of stock  ,   Sold out

     Add to cart   means the product is available ,and you can order now. Don't wait!!!

     Temporarily out of stock   means the product may be shortage. However, you can still click it ,and leave us a message.
     Then we will know you want it, will try to reply you if we know the exactly date.

Sold out   There will be an area for Sold out models and parts. The product will not be produced anymore. Thank you.

     4.After you add to cart, there is a shopping cart on the right side to check out.
     5.Choose your area, the systems will calcuate the shipping cost automatically. (The cost of UPS and TNT will let you know in your order after 1 day)
     6.Important  You can choose
Post Office Remittance  ,   PAYPAL  ,   Credit card payment

    Post Office Remittance  is what we used to do, no problem.

PAYPAL   You will need to pay 4% more for PAYPAL Fee. Please do not forget.

Credit card payment   is the new way we make for customers. Once you choose this, we will check the order first and make sure the product is available.
     We will send an e-mail to inform you to pay. You can easily click in the order and pay. 
Important!!! Once you click into PAY NOW, you have to finish the payment. Or the payment will fail.

      7.We will deliver your order only if you make the payment.
      8.You can check the order tracking in your member information.